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How Many Types Of Hajj Are Practised In Islam?

September 15, 2022

Hajj it is better known as the 'fifth pillar of Islam' has many implications in the Islamic culture. With the conduct of this journey, you can indeed be sure to deepen your relationship with the Creator and also remove all your past sins that you might have conducted in the mortal past. You can also be able to reach out to the best Hajj Tour operator to perform the best Hajj Tour of your life. Perform the sacred journey of your life to please the Almighty Creator now.

Types of Hajj- The Complete Guide 

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Whoever performs Hajj to this Kaaba and does not approach his wife for sexual relations nor commit sins (while performing Hajj), he will come out as sinless as a newborn child, (just delivered by his mother).” [Sahih al-Bukhari]

Every Muslim must understand the Hajj since it is one of the tenets of Islam. Therefore, if you are wondering if there are five different forms of Hajj or three different types, you have come to the proper site. To better assist you to comprehend this religious activity, we shall discuss the many forms of Hajj and their significance in this section. When you do intend to conduct Hajj, it is very true that you can be sure to attain the blessings of the Lord and also increase your bonding with the Creator, successfully.

Read on to know more of the details of the types of Hajj and the core significance of the same in Islam, relatively.

Why do we conduct Hajj? 

For all Muslims across the globe, the conduct of Hajj is very mandatory as it can lead to the growth of the belief and also salvation within yourself and also the ability to abide by the religious duties of Islam. It is said that with the conduct of Hajj, you can be sure to remain afresh and always stay guided under the shelter of the gracious Allah (SWT).

What happens after the conduct of Hajj?

After the conduct of Hajj, it is true that you shall be able to start afresh your life and also be ready to overcome all the hurdles of your life that can empower you from within in every way. Through the conduct of Hajj, you can also witness the fact that all your past mortal sins are blemished and this shall also give you the chance to lead a happy and blissful life in every way.

What are the different types of Hajj in Islam?

In Islam, it is true that there are different types of Hajj in Islam and this can also lead to the growth of the belief in Islam and also establish your connection with the Lord in every way. Here we do bring to you the list of the different types of the Hajj that are being performed by pilgrims every year:

  • Hajj Ifrad

Ifrad for Hajj is when you simply want to perform Hajj. Thus, pilgrims don their Ihram with the sole purpose of doing the Hajj. They then conduct Tawaf in preparation for their arrival. The Hajj ceremony of Saee is then carried out. Chanting "Labbayka Hajjan," which means "O Allah! I answer Your call to perform Hajj," sets the intention for performing Hajj. The "stoning of the demon" ceremony marks the completion of the pilgrimage. The location of this event is Jamarat Al Aquaba. Depending on personal preference, one may choose to do Tawaf either before or after the Hajj.

  • Hajj Qiran

The person conducts both Umrah and Hajj during Hajj Qiran. You can put on the ihram for Umrah first and then put on the same Ihram for the Hajj after making your intentions. A pilgrim just needs to do Tawaf and Saee once during this kind of Hajj. At the conclusion of the trip, Hajj Qiran requires the sacrifice of an animal.

  • Hajj Tamattu

When Hajj Ifrad is practiced, pilgrims only don the Ihram for Umrah during the Hajj months. Therefore, in this instance, pilgrims complete the Tawaf and Saee with the goal of performing Umrah. The most important sort of Hajj is Hajj Tamattu. It can only be carried out within a certain period; hence the Hajj and Umrah packages must be reserved in advance. The most auspicious Hajj is being performed at this time of year, thus thousands of Muslim pilgrims from throughout the world flock to Mecca. While doing Hajj Tamattu, all pilgrims must either trim their hair or shave it. 


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