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Hajj Tour 2023: The Complete Guide for Pilgrims Is Here

February 2, 2023

Saudi Arabia has been developing some new rules for pilgrims that are keen to conduct the Hajj Tour in 2023. Book the best and the cheap Hajj package now before it's too late with the help of the best Hajj Tour operators of Kolkata 2023.

Hajj- The fifth Pillar of Islam

All across the world, it is true that Muslims do need to abide by some of the definite rules to be able to attain the higher rate of happiness and contentment. In Islam, you do need to follow the Creator of all with utmost sincerity and dedication. This leads to the growth and the attainment of salvation and mercy from Allah (SWT) and also the pathway to enter into the domain of paradise. It is indeed the dream of millions to be able to conduct the best Hajj Tour 2023 to gain the blessings of the Lord and also to wipe away all the past sins that one has committed in the past.

It has been preached by the famous Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), “By an act of mercy from God, you O’ Prophet were gentle in your dealings with them – had you been harsh, or hard-hearted, they would have dispersed and left you – so pardon them and ask forgiveness for them. Consult with them about matters, then, when you have decided on a course of action, put your trust in God: God loves those who put their trust in Him?” [Quran 3:159]

If you wish to know more about the ways in which you can perform Hajj Tour from Kolkata 2023, then make sure to check this blog till the very end to get all the details.

Hajj Rules for 2023: Check these rules before you fly to Mecca/Medina

We all know that when you perform Hajj Tour, you become intensely closer to the gracious Allah (SWT) and also become a better Muslim in your life. This year, for those who are eagerly waiting for the Hajj Tour to begin, there is good news! You can be able to conduct this sacred journey of your life from June 2023.

1. Documents that you do need for Hajj 2023

Well, are you very excited for being able to conduct the best journey of your life to gain the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT)? Then, reach out to Aleena Arfeen Hajj and Umrah Private Limited to make the best journey of your life more meaningful in the name of Allah (SWT) our supreme Creator. Here is the list of all the documents that you do need now for Hajj pilgrimage in 2023:

  • Passport
  • Bank Account Number 
  • Valid Mobile Number 
  • Aadhaar Card

[Please do note that there is no age limit to perform Hajj rituals]

2. New rules of Saudi Arabia for Hajj 2023

Well, it is very true that almost in each year Saudi Arabia does bring out some of the new rules that might be helpful for the pilgrims while ensuring safety to each one of them in the best journey of their life. If you have already planned to book the cheap 5 star Hajj packages 2023 then this is the time for you to know the new rules and the regulations that has been imposed by the Ministry of Saudi Arabia for the pilgrims of the year 2023. Make sure to check out these points below to make your journey more special in the name of the Almighty Allah (SWT): 

  • Pilgrims are not allowed to bring their Covid-19 certificate to conduct Hajj 
  • Anybody of any age(if physically fit) can conduct Hajj in 2023
  • Children above 5 years do need the permit entry to Mecca/Medina 
  • Children above 16 age can perform Umrah with their guardians 
  • You do not need to maintain the social distancing in Mecca anymore 
  • You do need to maintain the safe hygiene’s to be clear from any infection 
Fly to Mecca with the cheap Hajj packages from Kolkata 

If you do have the urge of being a better Muslim, then this is the best time for you to get in touch with the best Hajj Tour operators of Kolkata 2023 to conduct the best journey of your life to gain the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT). A bilateral agreement was been struck by the Indian government and the KSA to expand the number of Indian pilgrims allowed to do the Hajj in 2023. In accordance with the agreement, 175,025 Indian pilgrims would be permitted to undertake the Hajj during the next Hajj season. The quota is acknowledged as the biggest ever granted to Indian pilgrims. Additionally, Saudi Arabia has abolished the age restriction, so pilgrims 65 and older will be permitted to do the Hajj in June.


Since we have come to the end of the blog, we hope that you do now understand about the ways in which you can conduct the best Hajj Tour 2023 of your life to attain the love and the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT). Get in touch with us to book the cheapest Hajj packages from Kolkata and be ready to fly away to the sacred land today!

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