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Where Should We Begin Our Ihram During Umrah?

November 24, 2022

Almost every Muslim dreams of performing Umrah Tour once in their lifetime and this also helps them to lead a happy and blessed life by being able to wipe away all the past sins that they might have committed in their life. Also, entering into the state of Ihram is also vital as it allows them to enter into the state of purity which is essential for both their mind and their body. 

All about Ihram that you need to know 

 The name Ihram is derived from the Arabic verb harama (Arabic: ???), which does mean "to be banned" in that language. In order to undertake the Hajj or Umrah, or both before approaching the wall around Makkah, the pilgrim must be in a certain state of cleanliness. The pilgrim must obey the rules after having established the intention for Ihram. The term "Muhrim" (roughly, "one who has put things forbidden upon himself") refers to a person who is in the condition of Ihram. The term Ihram is also used to describe the two-piece outfit worn by men. During your Umrah trip to Kolkata with the help of the affordable Umrah packages, it is very vital to understand the core significance of the state of Ihram and also abide by the rules in the most effective way, which can bring us closer to Allah (SWT).

Why is the state of Ihram so vital during Umrah from Kolkata?

If you have been wondering of the key significance of Ihram during Umrah from Kolkata then you do need to know about the major significance related to it. In both the intellect and the body, Ihram is a condition of cleanliness. It is first and foremost a mental attitude that results in the development of a spiritual connection with Allah (SWT) and the rejection of worldly desires.
In the sense that everyone is equal before Allah (SWT), regardless of gender, sect, ethnic origin, status, or income, the Hajj and Umrah is an equitable rite. For the aim of achieving equality before Allah (SWT), the Ihram clothing, which consists of two pieces of white, unstitched fabric, eliminates any indications of social, cultural and political distinctions is always worn by every pilgrim who has the intention of conducting the best Umrah Tour.

Where should we begin our Ihram?

Well, this is one of the most vital questions that does help us to understand the core significance of Umrah journey and also gives us the key idea of when and where to initiate the process of Ihram. Only getting the best Umrah deals is not enough for a pilgrim to be closer to Allah (SWT) as it is also necessary to understand the practice of the state of Ihram and follow the rules accordingly. Before leaving the Miqat, one must enter into the state of Ihram. Although the Hajj or Umrah will still be legitimate, if the Miqat is crossed before entering the state of Ihram, a penalty in atonement will be required.

The Maliki and Hanbali Schools of Thought believe that entering Ihram before the point of Miqat is more virtuous, however the Hanafi School of Thought argues that it is more meritorious to begin the Hajj pilgrimage from one's homeland.

Depending on which airline you're flying with, you'll have different options for where to change into Ihram clothing if you decide to enter Ihram prior to the Miqat point and you're doing so while in the air.

What does ihram clothing depict?

The Ihram state for men and women differs in terms of attire. Two unstitched white pieces of fabric without buttons, seams, or hems make up Ihram attire for males. One of these garments, known as the "rida," covers the shoulders and top part of the torso (one shoulder is left exposed when performing tawaf). The other part of the garment known as Izar covers the region between the navel and the feet and is fastened around the waist.

Do you know the rules related to Ihram?

According to the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) instructions, you must be physically clean and take care of your personal hygiene at home before wearing the Ihram clothing. As narrated by Abu Hurayrah I:

[I heard the Prophet ? saying: "Five things are part of nature: circumcision, removing the pubic hair, trimming the moustache, clipping the nails and removing the hair under the armpit."]

The following actions become forbidden once you reach the state of Ihram:

  • Use of Fragrance (including the use of perfumed soap and shampoo)
  • Men wearing a hat and women protecting their heads, or both, with hand gloves
  • Males donning any embroidered attire
  • trimming nails
  • hair shortening
  • Getting married
  • the act of engaging in sexual activity
  • hunting an animal
  • A tree being cut down
  • Insect eradication (unless it poses a threat to you)
  • the use of drugs or tobacco
  • starting a battle or argument

Since we have come to the end of the blog, we hope that you have now grasped the key idea of Ihram and the core significance in Islam. Also, the very next time you do purchase the Executive Umrah packages make sure to enter into the state of Ihram with utmost sincerity. 


 It’s time you do reach out to us now to get the best Umrah package and also perform the best journey of your life for Allah (SWT). Hope this blog helps you to know about the details of Ihram and where you do need to perform it. 

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