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What Are The Restrictions For Umrah From Kolkata In 2023?

February 4, 2023

Umrah has been the most significant journey for all the Muslims across the globe and in order to gain closeness from the Almighty Allah (SWT), you do need to follow some of the guidelines to attain double rewards. Fly to Mecca with the Umrah deals!

Umrah from Kolkata in 2024: Know these facts 

If you are here then you might be here to know more of the ways in which you can be able to perform Umrah from Kolkata with the help of the cheapest Umrah package from Kolkata 2023. At the same time it is also true that upon the completion of the best Umrah Tour with the best Umrah package 2023 you not only get the chance to wipe away all your past sins that you might have done either without intention but at the same time you do get the chance to be more closer to Allah (SWT) and also possess the chance to get double rewards. Your life becomes more peaceful on the completion of this sacred journey so be more careful in choosing the best Umrah travel agency in Kolkata that can provide you with the complete Umrah packages 2023 including flights.

So, if you need to know more about the restrictions that are imposed in 2023 then make sure to check this blog till the very end to get all the details for the best journey of your life.

Which is the best month to perform Umrah in 2023?

Almost everyone wishes to perform the sacred journey within this year to gain the double blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT). It is true that Umrah Tour 2023 can be done at any time of the year but if you do need to attain the special rewards from the gracious Allah (SWT) then make sure to conduct the Umrah journey during the time of Ramadan to gain special blessings from the Creator. 

Umrah Restrictions in 2023: Check these facts now 

Have you booked the cheap Luxury Umrah packages from Kolkata 2023? If not, then make sure to get the cheap Mecca travel packages 2023 to be able to initiate the best journey of your life. If you wish to know about the Umrah restrictions for 2023, then make sure to check these facts here that shall be helpful for Umrah pilgrims:

  • Pilgrims who are not vaccinated needs to be prove that they have never been infected with Covid-19
  • Even if masks and social distancing is not allowed, yet at the same time it is true that you do need to maintain some of the definite safety hygiene’s
  • Children aged 5 years cannot perform Umrah without the guide of parents 
  • Children above 5 years old cannot enter Mecca/Medina without entry permit 

Can children above 16 year perform Umrah 2023?

Children are permitted to perform Umrah Tour 2023 with their parents inside the Grand Mosque, according to the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of the monarchy, which has set the age requirement for acquiring an umrah permit at five. According to the Saudi news portal Ajel, the kids must not have COVID-19 infection or have come into touch with sick individuals.

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Since we have come to the end of the blog, we hope that you do now understand about the ways in which you can get closer to the Almighty Allah (SWT) and make your life more beautiful. Get in touch with us now to book the cheap online Umrah packages and also give yourself the chance to conduct Umrah in shaban. 

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