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Know About the Do's and Don’ts during Ramadan 2023

February 14, 2023

For every Muslim, it is true that Ramadan is one of the sacred months where every Muslim can be able to gain the blessings of the Almighty Allah (SWT) with sincerity and devotion. 

Facts about Ramadan 2023 that you need to know 

The Muslim calendar year's ninth month is Ramadan. While the start of Ramadan coincides with the observation of the new moon, this day is considered holy by most of the Muslims across the globe. The first of the revelations that make up the Holy Quran was given to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during the month of Ramadan, which is honoured. From suhoor and Iftar to feasting at Eid, this is indeed one of the Ramadan is a unique time of austerity and celebration that is observed by millions of Muslims throughout the world. In order to avoid dehydration and maintain energy levels throughout the day, it is crucial for individuals who are observing it to eat and drink intelligently starting at sunrise.

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Why is fasting vital during Umrah?

Muslims fast to raise awareness of those who are less fortunate and to emphasize the need of showing gratitude. All healthy adult Muslims must fast throughout the month of Ramadan as it is one of the five pillars, or responsibilities, of Islam. Be ready to perform the rituals of Umrah in the Holy Land with the help of the cheap Ramadan Umrah packages 2023 from Kolkata to gain the infinite blessings of the Lord. 

Do you know about the rules of Ramadan 2023?

Unlike every other ritual of Islam, there are certain rules that need to be followed during the sacred month of Islam in order to be able to please the Almighty Allah (SWT) in the best way possible. Check them now to be able to gain the mercy of the gracious Allah (SWT):



  •  Do Make the Intention to Fast
  •  Do Not Skip Suhoor
  •      Do Fast on Time
  •            Do Not Continue Holding Grudges During Ramadan
  •   Do Maintain Your Medical Habits
  •          Do Not Fast if You are Excused from Doing so
  •       Do Avoid Vulgarity and Idleness
  •         Do Not Accidently Swallow Water
  •  Do Double Up On Blessings
  •      Do not hurt anyone with words/actions
  •  Do Reserve Intimacy for Later
  •      Do not skip Namaz

Get closer to Allah (SWT) with Umrah 2023

To reach Allah requires patience (SWT). We cannot expect that by doing one good deed, everything else would just fall into place. You must trust in Allah (SWT). Never doubt the best potential outcome He has in store for you in this life as well as the next. You do need to have the impulse to perform all the rituals and do everything in the name of Allah (SWT) even before you start your Umrah journey. This enables you to uphold Islam's religious principles and remain genuine to yourself, which is the first step toward becoming more intimate with Allah (SWT). If you do feel the impulse to do all the rites by this point, so get the cheap Ramadan Umrah package today before it’s too late.


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