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Ihram All That You Do Need To Know Is Here

September 20, 2022

For all the pilgrims who have been planning to conduct the sacred journey of their life, you do indeed need to possess the sole intention before even making the journey of Umrah, successful. Even before the conduct of the best Umrah Tour, you do need to know all about the state of Ihram- which seems to be very mandatory in Islam and also gives you the chance to deepen your relationship with the gracious Allah (SWT). Make sure you are ready to undergo all that is needed for the big journey of your life, now.

The State of Ihram-All that you need to know 

In Islam, you do indeed need to enter into the state of Ihram to be able to conduct your best Umrah trip from Kolkata. With the association of the best Umrah travel agency, it is for sure that you can be able to attain affordable Umrah packages that do not allow you to worry more about your budget and rather concentrate more on the power of the gracious Allah (SWT). Also, you do need to possess the urge to undergo all the steps that are related to the conduct of Umrah and be able to follow the path of righteousness. 

Read more to know more regarding how you can be able to develop your state of Ihram and also stay more connected with the Almighty Allah (SWT)

What is Ihram and why it is important?

Ihram is a state of consecration by each of the Muslims that does intend to perform the sacred pilgrimage of Umrah, respectively. Entering into the state of Ihram is very vital as you can be sure to make your stay engulfed only by the thoughts of the Creator. The state of Ihram generally refers to the sole intention that is being possessed by the various types of pilgrims, when they do intend to depart into the Holy land.

Generally speaking, it is true that during the state of Ihram, men wear unstitched white colored clothing without hems, buttons and even seams. Women on the other hand, do prefer to wear any colored clothing by covering their faces with Hijabs. Ihram also refers to the state of the mind that allows the pilgrims to undergo all the hurdles that might come across during the journey of Umrah, respectively. Entering the state of Ihram is very vital for all Muslims as it allows them to conduct the journey with more ease and sincerity.

What are the things that are allowed during the state of Ihram?

During the state of Ihram, it is very vital that you surely abide by these certain aspects and also follow some of the definite rules that are as follows:

  • Carrying your valuables, such as cash, a passport and other travel papers, on a belt with pockets.

  • Using unscented soaps for washing reasons.

  • Soaking in a tub. However, you must exercise caution not to do or do anything that would make your hair fall out.

  • Killing or butchering a dangerous animal, such as a snake, scorpion, cow, etc.

What are the things that are not allowed during the state of Ihram?

As it has been discussed earlier, certain acts are not allowed in any way, during the state of Ihram and this can also relate to the growth of the connectivity towards Allah (SWT). We do bring to you the list of the acts that are not allowed during the state of Ihram:

  1. Using fragrance (including the use of perfumed soap and shampoo)

  2. Men protecting their heads with a hat, women concealing their faces or donning hand gloves

  3. Men sporting any embroidered attire

  4. Cutting nails

  5. removing hair

  6. Getting hitched

  7. Performing sexual acts

  8. Hunting an animal

  9. The removal of a tree

  10. Destroying a bug (unless it poses a threat to you)

  11. Using tobacco or drugs

  12. Getting into a battle or argument

These live the things that are not allowed during the state of Ihram and you do need to maintain these things when you are heading for the best Umrah trip from Kolkata with the help of the best Umrah travel agency. 

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Since we have come to the end of the blog, we hope that you have gained all the insights into how you can enter into the state of Ihram and also conduct the best journey of your life.  Reach out to us now to be able to conduct the sacred journey of your life and also make your life engulfed with the blessings of Allah (SWT). 

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