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You are never alone, as Allah (SWT) and his blessings seems to guide you always

Do I need to be vaccinated before going for Umrah and Hajj?

Yes, vaccination is mandatory before coming for Umrah

When is the best time (off-peak time) to go for Umrah?

Off-season times for Umrah will be the beginning of the Umrah season. So from the 1st of Muharram until about the middle of December, you can perform Umrah. Exact dates vary each year.

How many times can I do Umrah?

You can perform Umrah as many times as you want.

Will I have a guide for Umrah?

Yes, you can have a guide for Umrah and Hajj, but you have to book it in advance

What is the process of registering?

To register, kindly enter your name, email address, phone number, and nationality in the registration section.

How can I change my username/mobile etc??

IGo to your profile details to change your name, mobile number, or country of residence. To change your username, which is also your email address, you need to send us an email or call us to get it updated.

Is email verification is mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory to verify your account.

How do I know my booking is confirmed?

After completing your payment process, booking confirmation will be sent to you through e-mail along with your flight ticket.

What should I do in case my name is misspelled on the booking?

To correct your name on the booking, call us on our customer care numbers or send us an email and our concerned team will take it up with the airline.

How to check the baggage policy for my flight?

Before booking you must read all terms and conditions, baggage policy, and fare policy through review booking.

How early should I arrive at the airport prior to the flight time?

Alteast 3 hours prior to the departure time, you do need to arrive at the Airport

What if, I face any problem after arrival in Saudi Arabia?

We have an exceptional team in Saudi Arabia. We make sure that no problem arises while you are staying in Saudi Arabia. It is highly unlikely that you will encounter any problem during your stay. If you are still not satisfied with anything, you can contact our office by phone during office hours and we will try to resolve the issue at the early. You will also be provided phone numbers of key contacts in Saudi Arabia before you travel.

Who is responsible for the reconfirmation for the flights?

Passenger himself is responsible for the reconfirmation of the flights in advance.

How to manage in case of flight cancellation from the Airlines?

To manage cancellation, passengers need to directly contact the concerned Airlines/Agency.

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When you do plan to conduct Umrah and Hajj, you are sure to witness the sense of purity within your own self and also feel more connected with the Almighty Allah (SWT). However, there are few other things that you are sure to learn with the conduct of the best Hajj and Umrah tour that you can perform through the aid of the cheap and the best travel agency of Kolkata, which are as follows:

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  • Adoption of the good habits: It is one of the best things of Umrah and Hajj which every pilgrim can be able to witness during the course of their life. After the completion of these two pilgrimages, you can be sure to adopt some good habits and always remain engulfed with only the thoughts of Allah (SWT)

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Haji MD Shahid Khan

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Essential Documents that you do need to provide

passport-card Proper Scanned Passport Of The Pilgrim With The Validation Of Six Months Since The Time Of Planning The Umrah Journey ( All International Travel Passport)

Authorized complete certification of the Covid Vaccines for each of the pilgrims

pictureiconLatest Scanned Passport Size Photo Of The Pilgrim With White Background(4)
Blood Group Certificate Of The Haji
Negative RTPCR Test Not Required For Infant Below 5 Years But Only For Children Aged From 5-18 Years (Both In India And Saudi Arab)
Nominee, Aadhaar Card, Pan Card And Mobile Number

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